Has a Member of the medical profession I must commend Achieving Health for their dynamic approach to health and wellness. They are very professional and informative. Health Education is the most important principal in maintaining health and well being and they absolutely provide it. Dr.Doug and Dr. Jason are to be complimented on their abilities and expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Great and beneficial experience!

DR. Gregory D Haynes 4/09


I sought treatment at Achieving Health for pain in two areas, headaches and a sciatic back pain.

I was treated by Jason for  almost three months on a regular basis consisting of two adjustments per week, a massage every other week, daily home exercises and exercises at each adjustment appointment. Prior to this treatment, my headaches occurred and average of 2 times per week, requiring an prescription medication ($20) per pill. The medication took care of the headache about 95% of the time, but left me tired, thirsty and limited my ability to perform my normal daily routine. I am a regular exercise, and these headaches kept me from keeping up my exercises, and in many cases the exercise triggered a headache.

After this 3 month treatment program my headaches are greatly reduced. I have only taken my prescription medication 3 times since beginning treatment. Prior to treatment I averaged 1-2 pills per week.

My sciatic back pain has been off and on, but is greatly improved. For the last 3 weeks I have had no pain in this area at all. Treatment for this problem has allowed me to resume running 2-3 miles.

I was totally committed to achieving pain relief, so I did follow the exercises very regularly, and kept up my appointment schedule completely.

I have been very happy with my results! 

Joyce Peralta 3/10


I had very successful experience with Achieving Health Chiropractic Center. I was going through extreme back pain for years. My neck, upper and lower back wasn’t in a good condition. I had a huge knot on my upper back, I even went to specialist and physical therapy but it was still there. I was miserable.

After a few sessions, my neck and lower back was completely fine.  Jason Mathis took time and worked on my upper back little more. At the end, that knot is gone and my pain too.

The staff is very friendly and I always feel welcomed there.  Jason, Doug, and Kim, I appreciate all your hard work.  Because of you, I am totally pain free. I cannot thank you enough.

 Yasemin Inan  6/10